Verizon Fios Vs. Comcast Cable

TV fans have a growing number of options when it comes to choosing a television service provider. People can now choose over-the-air, cable or satellite, and now even telephone companies are branching out to offer TV service. One of those is Verizon's FiOS (Fiber Optics), which is similar to cable TV in many respects except for the technology involved. Comcast is one of the leading cable providers in the nation today; if you live in an area where both Comcast and FiOS are available, there are plenty of similarities between the two, but a few differences as well.
Price is the first factor many people look at with TV service providers. Both Comcast Cable and FiOS offer different plans with the prices based on the number of channels and features ordered. Comcast has the lower price for its basic package at $16.50 (round figures) per month for over 50 channels. It has a handful of other packages from $56 to $128 a month (after lower rates for a 6- or 12-month introductory period). FiOS has two main packages: $48 a month for over 250 channels and $58 a month to add up to 41 more high-definition (HD) channels and 30 other channels.
Both Verizon's FiOS and Comcast Cable offer their television packages in a bundle with home phone and Internet service that can save money compared to ordering each separately. FiOS bundles all three for as low as $80 a month, though that jumps to $110 a month after the first 6 months. Comcast's bundles start at $115 a month for the first 12 months for all three services, with larger packages up to $180 a month

DSL vs. Fios

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and Fiber Optic Service (FiOS) are two services that allow customers to connect to the Internet. Although they both perform the same basic function, the two services are vastly different.
DSL is transmitted over telephone wires made of copper. FiOS is transmitted over hundreds of tiny fiber optic cables made of glass.
FiOS is able to carry light signals through the cable at speeds approaching the speed of light. This allows FiOS customers to transmit data significantly faster than DSL can offer.
FiOS service is much more expensive than DSL service. FiOS service is not available in all areas because it is very costly for the company to set up the network structure.
Although FiOS operates on dedicated cables, it is still possible for slowdowns to occur during peak usage times.
FiOS is a service that Verizon offers that brings fiber optics to the home. Other companies offer similar fiber optic services, which may be another option for some consumers depending on location.


How To Check Voicemail On Verizon Fios Phone

If you recently got Fios service installed you should know that they have 2 ways of getting into the voice mail


*86 it will ask for your PIN


This one is when you are not at your home and need to access voice mail
your voice mail is stored in a server that can be called but you need to contact verizon
to get the voice mail # .


How To Fix Verizon Fios STB Clock Issue

If you are having issues with your STB not getting the correct  time
follow these steps

Customer Support
Top Support Tools
Reboot STB


Fix No Signal On Fios Tv Service

If you are getting a no signal alert on your tv try thse steps :

power cycle stb
make sure you are on the correct input
reset cable that goes from stb to tv
contact support if these steps do not work


Fix STB Has No Data Connectivity

If you are getting this error it usually is a simple fix , follow these steps and let me know if it worked for you :)

Turn off you BHR
reset the coax cable from the bhr and the stb thats getting the error
turn bhr back on and wait for internet light to come on
power cycle stb
this should do the trick


Clear Xbox One Cache

Power Down Xbox One
Disconnect From Power
Wait About 4 Minutes
Plug It Back In And Wait For The Power Brick To Switch To An Orange Light
Turn Xbox One Back On


How To Set Up Call Forwarding With Verizon Home Phone

Its simple just do the following

Dial *72 to activate
dial the number you wish to receive the call to
and hang up .

To disable the feature just dial *73

Reboot Verizon STBs

If your STB wont change channels or simply you feel like its acting up you can try a firmware reboot
simply follow these steps :

press menu
customer support
in home agent
reboot stb


How To Connect iPhone 5 Via Wireless

Tap Settings

Tap Network
Type Security Key

If you have any questions please comment bellow :)

Keep iPhone Running Fast

Slow iphone?

Update your apps
Delete un used apps
Make sure you exit the apps correctly by double taping home and swiping up
Make sure you have space on your memory


Why Activate Secuity Code On iphone

This a no brainer , you want to keep your information secure ... you never know who might be looking
also if you lose your phone you can make sure people dont get into your apps and photos

a great tip is to update your password from time to time
at least make a change every 4 months and do not provide it to any one you dont fully trust 


Tips for a faster computer

Disable anti virus
Disable browser add ons
Disable Start Up Items
Disable P2P software 

How do I contact Play Station Vita tech support?

you can call them at (800-345-7669)
or visit their WebSite: HERE

but if you are trying to connect your Play Station Vita to your Wi-Fi please visit this link: HERE

How do I contact PlayStation Tech support?

Via Website: Here
or call them at: (800-345-7669)

but if you are having issues with your Wi-Fi set up, visit this link first: HERE

How do I contact Nook Color Tablet Tech support?

You can contact them via Web Site: here

or give them a call at (866-238-7323)

But if you are trying to set up your Wireless configuration, please visit this link first: HERE 

How do I contact my cellphone company?

first of all, you must know your cellphone company provider.

there are the most common cellphone companies in the US

Sprint (866-242-1538)


How do I configure my Verizon Email to my Android device?

Set up email on new phone
1. From Main Desktop or All Apps select Email
2. First time set up will ask you for the provider, it gives you one for Verizon
3. Enter the username and password
4. Click Next
5. The phone will automatically set up Verizon settings
6. Select Done 
7. Confirm Name on Account
8. The phone will go to Inbox
    If already set up and need to change settings or want to confirm settings - Select Setings
9. Select the Verizon Account
10. Select Incoming mail settings
11. Change POP server, Port # and Security type
12. Select Done when complete
13. Select Outgoing Mail settings
14. Change SMTP Server, Port # and Security type
15. Select Done when complete
** Support info - 

How do I connect my Sony PS4 to the internet?

1. At the Main Menu arrow to Settings and press X to select

2. Arrow down to Set up Internet Connection and press X to select

3. Press X to select Use Wi-Fi

4. Press X to Select Easy

5. Use the Arrow Keys to highlight your SSID as found on the Router or TV Menu, Press X to Select

6. Enter the WEP Key / WPA Password as found on the Router or TV Menu, Press R2 when complete

 then Press the arrow down once and Press X

7. First the game system will connect to the Router. If the WEP Key / WPA Password is entered

 incorrectly it will error out and tell you it was entered wrong. If this happens you may need to reboot

 the system to make it connect, if entered incorrect and retried without a reboot the screen will be

 showing Please wait... as shown above. The only way found to clear this is to reboot and start over.

8. After the system connects to the Router it will Check Network environment...

9. The final Step of the connection is to test the Internet Connection. This should look as above.

 ** Please note that the Connection Speeds listed on this screen are a test of speed at the 

 busy Sony PS4 Server and not a test of the Verizon Connection **


How do I contact Samsung TV tech support?

You can contact them via phone: 1800-726-7864
or visit their web site: HERE

if you are trying to set up it via Wi-Fi, please visit this link: HERE